Cash Registers

ER-920 & ER-940

The ER-900 series of ECRs are designed with a bright Alpha-Numeric display along with a range of keyboard designs including Raised or Flat for all Hospitality and Retail situations.

The ER-900 Series also has Single (Receipt) or Twin Station (Receipt & Journal) Thermal Printers plus numerous features such as scanning and check tracking to ensure the register is suitable for all environments.

Features & Benefits:
Flat or Raised Keyboard Options.
Operator Display ?Easy To Read Blue Back Light 2 Line 16 Character LCD.
Single or Twin Station Thermal Printer.
Rear Display 9 Digit LED.
2 Serial Ports for Connectivity To PC ?Barcode Scanner ?Kitchen Printer ?Pole Display, Ports are Located Behind a Convenient Easy to Access Door Located at the Back of the Unit.
SD Backup and Restore of the Main Program Files i.e. PLU, Groups Etc.
SD Saving of Sales Reports for Viewing on the Computer.
Optional Dallas Reader/MSR Reader.
Both Clerk Interrupt and Table Management.
Add Check Functionality.
Clerk Name Display.
Alternative Price.
Price Inclusive Barcodes.
PLU By Price Level.
PLU By Group Sales Reports.
Up to 10,000 PLU’s as Standard.
PLU By Group Stock Reports.
Programming Utility.
Plus all the Features of the Existing ER-5200M Range.
Sam4s ER-920
Spill-Resistant Flat Keyboard, Single Station 58mm Thermal Printer.
Sam4s ER-940
Spill-Resistant Flat Keyboard
Twin Station 58mm Thermal Printer.

Features & Benefits

Upto 32 Terminals per Network.
Links to Remote Order Printers.
Simple and Intuitive System Maintenance.
Floating Operator across Network.
Floating Checks across Network.
Automatic Price Changes at Preset Times.
Gross Profit Report.
Optional Back Office Software Available.
6-Line Preamble Receipt Message.
6-Line Postamble Receipt Message.
Graphic Logo Printing on Receipt.
Stock Management.
Ingredient File.
Condiment Items.
20 Price Levels (5 per PLU).
Manager Control.
Receipt On Demand.
Training Mode.
5 Currency Conversion Rates.
Add Check.
Delivery Tracking.
Check Tracking by Alpha.
Paid Check Recall.
Electronic Journal.
Over 60 Reports
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